Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Different sheep

I was going to write a long article about the sheep fleece sampler I bought, but my boss seems to have done it already for me. I got the same sampler for my birthday last month... and I have already washed most of the locks. But I am not as good of a spinner (having only spun a few months less than Lisa) and when I sat down to wheel with locks in hand, I was stumbling too much. I need to work more on my spinning techniques, and probably to learn how to do long-draw. The problem with hanging out with Lisa and some of the know-everythings on Ravelry is I want to run before I can walk, and sometimes I get slapped with not knowing how to crawl. But I can say a few items of insight which will probably be of little use.

Working with Romney locks does remind me of wanting to run my fingers through the locks of Gene Wilder's hair.

I'm pretty confident at this time that I don't ever really want to deal with unwashed fleece again. The Jacob fleece was seriously covered in shit and I could not break it into locks for cleaning. All two ounces were tossed in the sink en masse, and I hope I didn't felt in the washing. But it was *clean* when I finished.

The merino wasn't a high quality fleece. There was a definite break half an inch from the cut end, and it did not look like mistakes with the clippers. I ended up tossing about half of it.

This corridale was white and so light and fluffy with tiny crimp, I like to fantasize this must be the stereotypical nursery rhyme sheep- white and fluffy clouds.

I also washed the polwarth and dorset, saving the Liecesters and the longer staples, and the double coats for my next washing session.

Discussing the domestication of sheep as the road to civilization with my lord and anyone who will listen is great fun.

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