Monday, October 03, 2005

More scrolls I have done/helped with

This one is all my own. This P gets used rather a lot, I'm afraid- about once a year. I try different golds and silvers with it every time.

This one is painted by THL Keran Roslin, a frequent partner in crime. It's a peroid font, but fussy and pretty. Keran is getting better with her detailed work.

This one was a partner to the one just above.
Also painted by THL Keran.

This is another painted by THL Keran. Um, I probably ought to write down her sources and put them here too, but I didn't. Mea Cupla. She does do a lot of scrolls inspired by, but she does have the books for sources.

This lovely Millrind was painted by Lady Marija of Kotok. Try to ignore my horrible floor in the background.

This one I am very proud of. It is my first attempt at drawing on Vellum. The book this is from is the Mira Caligraphae, and yes, finished, it's about 5 inches by 6 inches. I did expirament with pens to see which would work best. The left side is a crow quill, which DOES get a finer line. The bottom is a Pigma Micron. The right side and top are Staedler pens. I found I do have finer control with the crow quill and can get much finer lines. However, one does have to be patient with it and wash the pen every time the ink dries. The calligraphy nib was a drawing nib slightly wider than the crow quill, but definitely smaller than my C-6 nib. That's size 11 point font, and the first time I've written that small with a dip pen. I'm delighted at how it came out. A more washed out/closer shot.

The scroll words were my own. I do prefer to let other people write the words, whenever possible. And yes, to state the obvious, all calligraphy is mine.

Edited: The above links don't work. However, here is the last scroll:

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